"It's a great job but it can be a lonely job too.  And sometimes it just all feels too much.  It's good to know I've got someone to talk to in confidence."
Headteachers’ Performance Resilience 
& Support Programme

Recognising the increasing demands of the role, this innovative programme has been developed as a resource to support Headteachers and provide a trusting, confidential space in which to share the challenges and rewards of the job.

The programme provides Heads with a unique opportunity to:
  • Discuss new strategies for dealing with the challenges of leadership.
  • Explore the demands and fullfilment of education leadership in the 21st Century
  • Learn how journalling and self-reflection techniques can form the basis for developing a greater understanding about you as a leader.
  • Share experiences in an emotionally secure environment.
  • Have individual needs listened to and the opportunity to influence the content of the sessions
The programme is a series of four, half-day (morning plus lunch) meetings beginning in January, April or September and taking place throughout the academic year.
The venue is carefully chosen to be tranquil and provide the right atmosphere and level of care to enhance well-being.

All refreshments – including 3-course lunch – are provided.

Please contact me for details of costs, as this varies depending on the size of the group.
Why not think about forming a Headteachers' group from your cluster of schools or MAT?

“I’ve learnt so much from other Heads here … practical things as well as conflict resolution skills, professional assertiveness, improving work-life balance and increasing stress resilience. It’s a lifeline …’

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The Headteachers' Performance Resilience & Support Programme is highly relevant and valuable for all headteachers. Understanding the issues you face as an education professional, your individual needs will be listened to. The programme is unlike other professional development opportunities because its focus is on your well-being as a headteacher.
It's so good to know that I can get support when I need it - for me and for my staff.
A big 'thank you'! Headteacher