Working4wellbeing specialises in supporting staff in schools, federations, academies, faith schools (especially within the Oxford Diocese) - and also those working outside education or who are students (aged 12  upwards and at school, university or college).   My purpose is to engage people at all levels, across all roles, in deciding how they will enhance their own resilience and well-being and, where appropriate, that of the organisation with whom they work.

I help managers and individuals create a healthy workplace and enhance professional effectiveness.  I can help education professionals identify and alleviate the inevitable anxieties that arise from working in a frequently challenging and changing environment.  I work with clusters of schools and this approach is particularly helpful in such times of economic restraint.

I have many years' experience working with senior managers, school leaders, groups of staff and individuals.  Using a wide range of skills to enhance resilience at work, to energise and motivate staff, everyone is enabled to be more productive, positive and successful.

As well as working as a psychodynamic counsellor, I have successfully used  elements of cognitive behavioural therapy and to identify and alleviate anxiety, stress and depression.  

Paying attention to resilience and well-being helps to raise our morale.  I help senior managers, school governors and leadership teams to do this. As a trained and experienced counsellor,  I can give individuals, managers and Headteachers a space to talk about their own resilience and well-being and that of their staff
If you're interested in signing up for the new group on the Headteachers' Performance Resilience & Support Programme, this will be running either from October or January so please get in touch to put your name down.

"This programme has been invaluable .... it's kept me in Headship.  Thank you!" 
MJ, Headteacher
It's so good to know that I can get support when I need it - for me and for my staff.
A big 'thank you'! Headteacher